Wholesale & Bulk Spices

Your source for wholesale and bulk spices, for commercial clients requiring flavor, freshness and value

We’re a blend, ourselves. We combine our nearly 150-year old spice traditions with exacting modern standards to deliver freshness, flavor and operational flexibility to leading commercial clients in food service distribution, chain restaurants, and others. 

Old Mansion Foods is your go-to source for wholesale and bulk spices, combining our experience in the traditions of the spice trade with today’s demanding requirements for quality control, certification, and the highest safety standards.

Based in Virginia, our on-site warehouse and production facilities mean your large orders for wholesale and bulk spices will be fulfilled surprisingly fast. We inventory high-demand spices such as basil, granulated onion, mustard seed, oregano, paprika, salt, white pepper, and more. We believe our turnaround time and flexibility to be unequaled when it comes to wholesale and bulk spices.